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Accredited training in telemarketing

Services Numerica offers training in telemarketing. Our team of professionals fully trained and accredited by Emploi-Québec, working in collaboration with the Commission scolaire des Appalaches, will optimize your approach to business development.

Our prospecting methods have already proved their worth with our many clients who have obtained through our services high quality appointments.

Some companies have strong internal sales and marketing. Often, these teams are responsible for both business development and telemarketing activities. The profitability of these resources is often deemed satisfactory by the leaders.

Why? Simple: because their assessment is based on the achievement of goals, administrators, sales executives or managers pay little attention to the effectiveness of the means used to achieve it.

Services Numerica, with its experience in telemarketing, will educate business leaders on the need to assess, from specific tools, efficiency and profitability of telemarketing performed internally.


Advance training available*

*Please contact us for more information.



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