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Appointments setting

Why doing appointments setting?

Appointment setting by telemarketing consists in contacting businesses or customers to set an appointment to present your product or service, whether they are already customers or prospects.

Appointment management allows you to :

  • Center its sales force on their true value;
  • Increasse business opportunities;
  • Ensure the telephone propecting is done by professionals;
  • Save additional costs of recruitment and costly phone bills.

The telemarketing does not need to be done by your sales force whose job is to sell and sign contracts. It serves no purpose to entrust them with tasks they do not like doing when there are telemarketing professionals to perform this work for you.

Services Numerica keeps track of your promotional offers. Our team updates your list of prospects for a targeted telemarketing operation.

Your invitations ?

Our team performs the follow-up that will allow you to accurately assess the number of participants at your event.

Services Numerica's team conducts phone interviews to help you evaluate one or more of your services.

The customer is already customer.
We help you to measure the interest in your offer and help you set appointments.



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