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Prospect new customers

Some telemarketing tasks aim at "establish a direct contact with customers". They are actions of customer prospecting or follow up: mailing, fax with reply coupon.

Why prospecting?

More knowledgeable, more demanding, but also less loyal, customers can no longer guarantee the development of your business. Prospecting is a vital necessity and becomes a function of its own.

Who prospect?

Firstly, it should be to fully exploit existing customers while trying to sell additional products and services.

Then you have to prospect new customers. It begins with the identification of potential customers (internal informations, directories, files, shows, internet).

Rigorous management of the prospects data is crucial. Otherwise, the follow up actions of the telemarketing maybe compromised.

How to prospect?

1- If it is inadequately prepared, prospecting leads rapidly to failure and discouragement. It is crucial to define an operational marketing strategy and objectives.

2- Only a few representatives feel particularly comfortable at the mere mention of establishing new contacts. The reason is often because of the lack of prospecting efforts, the lack to measure the effectiveness of their actions. The results are visible in a longer time frame than the sale with existing customers, especially when the sales cycle is long.

3- There are different methods that can be used separately or combined with each other:


- Planning for the operation, targeting recipients
- Develop an attractive content of the message. The content will be different depending on whether it is sent by mail, fax or e-mail


- Planning for the operation, targeting recipients
- We must develop helping tools to get through customer objections
- The telemarketing is the best return for money on your investment

4- Follow-up is a key element of success:

A mailing without a telephone follow-up will achieve low results.

To set up a ambitious telemarketing campaign, you can have interest in consulting our telemarketing team.




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