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The mission of the mystery shopper

A mystery shopper's mission is to assess your customer service and / or marketing of your business: retail, service, restaurant, etc.. The role of the shopper is not to find fault with your staff and your business, but to provide facts to help you improve your customer service.

The mystery shopper evaluates, under cover, the quality of customer service and selling skills of your staff during a phone call and / or with various correspondences with your institution.

The mystery shoppers program is tailored according to what you want to do with the results. The mystery shopper is your ability to assess policies and company standards, the implementation of promises made in advertising, explanation of the various promotions by your personal, evaluation of your competitors, etc..

Our shoppers are experienced and specially selected for their rigorous analytical skills and professionalism. They are trained and supervised for each assessment they have to perform.
More than just a picture or a few comments, our reports are written in a constructive way that allows you to act effectively. You can:

  • Develop a structured service policy
  • Diagnose · training needs
  • Encourage staff to develop and maintain good habits
  • Standardize the application of your quality standards
  • Aim impeccable service in a program of continuous improvement

Your customers, assets to protect

You know better that anyone else how much it costs to win over a new client. If you lose him, winning him back becomes an enormous … and very expensive challenge.

With the Mystery Shoppers service you can better know the pulse of a customer following a service offered by your company. This gives you a good indication of improvements to your customer service to keep your valued customers and provide good service to a new pool of potential customers.

Why use the services of Mystery Shoppers?

  • Do you really know what your customers think of your customer service?
  • Are your advertising promises delivered in the field?
  • Do your customers receive all the attention they deserve during a transaction?
  • Are your promotions well-explained by your staff?
  • Are your refund policies well-respected?
  • Do your franchisees respect your operational standards at all times?
  • Do your employees know sufficiently well your products and services to make adequate promotion to potential buyers?

Our mystery shoppers measure the quality of your customer service. These actions reveal valuable information on the perception of your customers on the following factors:

  • Validation of your training program in the field
  • Verification of compliance with your corporate policies
  • The assurance that your advertising promises are being fulfilled
  • Evaluation and comparison of customer service from your competitors
  • The accuracy of the quality standards of your company's service and other operational aspects

What type of company uses the services of Mystery Shoppers?

Any company wanting to provide excellence in customer service. The service companies, retail stores or any other type of business where there is a customer-employees relationship can benefit from this service to find commercial activities. Services Numerica operates in several different business sectors across Canada and the United States.





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