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Database qualification
What is the purpose of database qualification?

Database qualification allows you to ensure your data are:

  • Reliable: the existing data are verified and validated
  • Recent: The data is updated, outdated information is replaced
  • Comprehensive: missing information is completed
  • Unique: the entire database is created for an occasion

During these database qualification, some information may be requested: telephone, postal address, email, etc. ...

The database qualification optimizes and gives a return of your actions as the use of a qualify database maximizes the rate of contact and the efficiency of contact established.

Services Numerica offers a range of services of database qualification based on most existing solutions: telemarketing campaign, mailing, private sale.

After setting the context and objectives of your operation of database qualification, Services Numerica offers to write your arguments in collaboration with your marketing department.

Services Numerica form his team on your products / services (presentation of your business and mission, awareness of the impact of the team on the company image).

Once the database qualification operation complete, Services Numerica send you the database structured and verified.




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