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Sales opportunity detection

What is the purpose of sales opportunity detection?

Sales opportunity detection is a fundamental part of phone prospecting, because it allows you to:

  • Target contacts susceptible to be interested in your commercial offers
  • Identify the decision-making environment of your new prospects
  • Determine the purchasing intentions and the needs of your prospects
  • Estimate the time frame in which to operate a potential project

With a pre-established questionnaire, based on goals you'll set, you can determine with more or less accuracy the purchase intentions or needs of your prospects.

The sales opportunity detection will enable you to have a good idea of the degree of interest in your prospects and help locate liable clients. A sales opportunity detection undertaken effectively assists you in achieving your marketing goals, allowing your representatives to prepare their business visits.

Our experience and expertise allows us to offer services to many types of businesses, so you're guaranteed to save time, money and improve performance.


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