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Preparing your telemarketing campaign


1- Determine the objectives:

For a telemarketing campaign to be a success, you must set simple, measurable, attainable and quantifiable objectives. You must also distinguish between your priority and secondary goals.

2- Determine the budget:

This is an important phase of your project. It determines how you allocate your budget for the telemarketing campaign. This can be fixed or variable depending on the nature of your needs. Services Numerica may charge you an hourly rate.

3- Define the target:

Clearly identify your target for each telemarketing campaign to avoid wasting time on calling companies or contacts that would have no concern with your campaign. You must specify the size of the companies, the region, the sector of activity and the type of customers to be targeted.

4- Use a calling list suited to your needs:

A good list meets three basic rules for any telemarketing campaign:

  • It is consistent with the target
  • It is updated regularly
  • It offer a good response rate
  • A good quality calling list optimizes the rate of calls, performance and effectiveness of established contacts as your offer of goods or services match the needs and expectations of your prospects.

Having a targeted and up-to-date calling list is essential.

5- Writing of the calling text:

When you launch a  telemarketing campaign, we become the ambassadors for your brand or company. Thus, the text for the calls must be carefully written with regard to the objectives you have in mind.

Launching and follow-up the telemarketing campaign :


6- Begin with a trial period:

The trial period is as important to you as it is to us because it allows you, first check the suitability of the services sold and the services rendered and to make sure, and also the quality of discourse. This trial period allows us to identify the average ratios of the telemarketing operation and therefore its return on investment and to define the type of report and how often we send them to you. This trial period is also an opportunity to validate the text calls and make it evolve as and when the difficulties are encountered.

7- Engage production over a fixed period:

Once the trial period successful, it’s time to forge a strong partnership with a commitment by a contract on a fixed term. This commitment will foster our mutual collaboration and your confidence in us will encourage us to do our best to satisfy you.

8- Send us your feedback from the field:

When you find that your telemarketing campaign is having an impact, you must advise us. This will allow us to adjust the text or to detect any glitches in the campaign.


Download the printable version in PDF

of the telemarketing campaign preparation by clicking here.




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