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Traffic building through telemarketing


What is the purpose of traffic building through telemarketing?

To build traffic through telemarketing the main goal is attracting the maximum number of potential customers through sales offers or invitations.

Setting up a traffic building operation leads to :

  • Attracting new customers.
  • Building customers loyalty.
  • Developing image and brand-awareness.

Traffic building through telemarketing has many advantages:

  • Centralizing marketing campaigns for a complete network (franchises, dealerships,…etc;)
  • Fast sales or other operation set-ups

Our operating method:

Services Numerica will take charge of your entire traffic building campaign by collecting the participation agreements of your potential customers, whether they are active or inactive.
Having defined the context and the objectives of your traffic building operation, we will prepare your calling list with defined prospective targets.
Services Numerica can write arguments and telemarketing texts for your campaign in collaboration with your marketing service.

Telemarketing calls are made in order to:

  • Pass the notion of event, of favor and of exception;
  • Obtain the agreement of the caller by stirring desire
  • Open dialog to find out more;
  • Inform his interlocutors without losing the objective of the call;
  • Qualify and update databases;
  • Confirm and provide a written list of the customers showing the dates and times they agreed to participate.

Once the traffic building campaign has been completed through telemarketing, we provide a report with the complete results of the campaign.




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